ContextLogger2 Data Analysis Guide

Thu Mar 17 00:59:00 2011

  1. Interpreting Log Data

1. Interpreting Log Data

1.1. Call Status (Symbian)

The logged integer values for the "callstatus" sensor have the following interpretations:

0 The status is unknown.
1 Idle line (no active calls).
2 Call dialling.
3 Call ringing.
4 Call answering.
5 Call connecting.
6 Call connected.
7 Call is undergoing temporary channel loss (it may or may not be reconnected).
8 Call disconnecting.
9 Call on hold.
10 Call is transferring.
11 Call in transfer is alerting the remote party.

(The above come from the Symbian API documentation.)

As for the call termination reason codes, see this Forum Nokia wiki page. In the log, the osterm column has the OS-specific component of the code, and the netterm column has the network-specific component of the code. The netterm codes, in the event of the call terminating due to the network or the remote party's actions, should be documented in the exterror.h Symbian header file, available in some SDKs.

1.2. Keypresses (Symbian)

The "keypress" sensor only records the keypress times, not the keycodes. These are represented using a difference encoding, calculated by adding the base time to each of the recorded times. This way one gets the Unix time for each, i.e., the number of seconds since the Unix epoch.

1.3. Indicator (Symbian)

Two codes are logged for the "indicator" sensor. The latter shows what indicators are available on the particular device, and the value should be a constant. The former value indicates which indicators are visible on the phone screen. Both values are bit fields expressed as a single integer, with the bits interpreted as follows:

1 Charger connected indicator.
2 Network available indicator.
4 Call in progress indicator.

1.4. Battery Status (Symbian)

Two codes are logged for the "battery" sensor. The latter shows the battery charge level (as a percentage). The former value indicates battery status, with the values interpreted as follows:

0 Power status unknown.
1 Powered by battery.
2 Battery connected, but with external power.
3 No battery connected, on external power.
4 Power fault.

1.5. Network Registration Status (Symbian)

0 Registration status unknown.
1 Not registered and no service detected.
2 Emergency calls only.
3 Searching for a network.
4 Registered, network busy.
5 Registered on home network.
6 Registration denied.
7 Registered, roaming.

1.6. Network Signal Strength (Symbian)

The first logged value is signal strength in dBm (between -123 and -1, inclusive, or 0 for undefined). The second value is the number of bars (between 0 and 7, inclusive).

1.7. Ambient Light (Qt Mobility)

0 Undefined.
1 Dark.
2 Twilight.
3 Light.
4 Bright.
5 Sunny.

1.8. Tapping (Qt Mobility)

Two values are recorded. The first one specifies the direction, but tends to be 0 (for unknown) on many devices. In cases where directions have been reported, look at [this table] for interpretations. The second value is 1 for double taps, and 0 for single taps.

Tero Hasu