File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ac_app_context.cpp [code]
ac_app_context.h [code]
ac_app_context_epoc.cpp [code]
ac_app_context_private.h [code]
alter.c [code]
analyze.c [code]
daemon/src/application_config.h [code]
filter-http/src/application_config.h [code]
watchdog/src/application_config.h [code]
assertions.h [code]
assertions_cxx.cpp [code]
attach.c [code]
auth.c [code]
bb_blackboard.cpp [code]
bb_blackboard.h [code]
bithacks.h [code]
bitvec.c [code]
btmutex.c [code]
btree.c [code]
btree.h [code]
btreeInt.h [code]
build.c [code]
callback.c [code]
cf_query.c [code]
cf_query.h [code]
cf_rcfile.cpp [code]
cf_rcfile.h [code]
cl2app.hrh [code]
cl2appapp.cpp [code]
cl2appapp.h [code]
cl2appappui.cpp [code]
cl2appappui.h [code]
cl2appcontainer.cpp [code]
cl2appcontainer.h [code]
cl2appdocument.cpp [code]
cl2appdocument.h [code]
client-run.c [code]
client-run.h [code]
client.cpp [code]
complete.c [code]
config_db.c [code]
config_db.h [code]
config_db_private.h [code]
current_config.hrh [code]
date.c [code]
db_creation.c [code]
db_creation.h [code]
delete.c [code]
epoc-ao-gerror.cpp [code]
epoc-ao-gerror.hpp [code]
epoc-appfocus.cpp [code]
epoc-appfocus.hpp [code]
epoc-btprox.cpp [code]
epoc-btprox.hpp [code]
epoc-callstatus.cpp [code]
epoc-callstatus.hpp [code]
epoc-cellid.cpp [code]
epoc-cellid.hpp [code]
epoc-cellpos.cpp [code]
epoc-cellpos.hpp [code]
epoc-cl2app-clientserver.hpp [code]
epoc-cliapi-server.cpp [code]
epoc-cliapi-server.hpp [code]
epoc-event-internal.cpp [code]
epoc-event-internal.h [code]
epoc-gps-module.cpp [code]
epoc-gps-module.hpp [code]
epoc-gps-observer.hpp [code]
epoc-gps-positioner.cpp [code]
epoc-gps-positioner.hpp [code]
epoc-gps.cpp [code]
epoc-gps.hpp [code]
epoc-httpurl.cpp [code]
epoc-httpurl.hpp [code]
epoc-iap.cpp [code]
epoc-iap.h [code]
epoc-inactivity.cpp [code]
epoc-inactivity.hpp [code]
epoc-indicator.cpp [code]
epoc-indicator.hpp [code]
epoc-key-codes.hpp [code]
epoc-keypress-anim.cpp [code]
epoc-keypress-anim.hpp [code]
epoc-keypress.cpp [code]
epoc-keypress.hpp [code]
epoc-music.cpp [code]
epoc-music.hpp [code]
epoc-profile-31.cpp [code]
epoc-profile-31.hpp [code]
epoc-profile.cpp [code]
epoc-profile.hpp [code]
epoc-s60-version.cpp [code]
epoc-s60-version.hpp [code]
epoc-session.hpp [code]
epoc-smsevent.cpp [code]
epoc-smsevent.hpp [code]
shared/common/epoc-time.cpp [code]
watchdog/src/epoc-time.cpp [code]
shared/common/epoc-time.h [code]
watchdog/src/epoc-time.h [code]
epoc-utilities.hpp [code]
epoc-weburl.cpp [code]
epoc-weburl.hpp [code]
epoc_app_uid_list.hrh [code]
epoc_rs_buf8.cpp [code]
epoc_rs_buf8.hpp [code]
epocxplat.cpp [code]
epocxplat.hpp [code]
er_errors.c [code]
er_errors.h [code]
er_errors_cxx.cpp [code]
error_list.c [code]
error_list.h [code]
evq_event.c [code]
evq_event.h [code]
evq_queue.c [code]
evq_queue.h [code]
evq_timer.c [code]
evq_timer.h [code]
expr.c [code]
fault.c [code]
fts1.c [code]
fts1.h [code]
fts1_hash.c [code]
fts1_hash.h [code]
fts1_porter.c [code]
fts1_tokenizer.h [code]
fts1_tokenizer1.c [code]
fts2.c [code]
fts2.h [code]
fts2_hash.c [code]
fts2_hash.h [code]
fts2_icu.c [code]
fts2_porter.c [code]
fts2_tokenizer.c [code]
fts2_tokenizer.h [code]
fts2_tokenizer1.c [code]
fts3.c [code]
fts3.h [code]
fts3_hash.c [code]
fts3_hash.h [code]
fts3_icu.c [code]
fts3_porter.c [code]
fts3_tokenizer.c [code]
fts3_tokenizer.h [code]
fts3_tokenizer1.c [code]
func.c [code]
global.c [code]
glowmem_action.h [code]
guilog.h [code]
gx_exception.hpp [code]
gx_maybe_string.c [code]
gx_maybe_string.h [code]
gxerror.c [code]
gxerror.h [code]
gxlowmem.h [code]
gxutils.h [code]
hash.c [code]
hash.h [code]
hwtime.h [code]
icu.c [code]
insert.c [code]
interval_parser.c [code]
interval_parser.h [code]
iodeviceseq_qt.cpp [code]
iodeviceseq_qt.hpp [code]
jaiku_compat.hpp [code]
journal.c [code]
keywordhash.h [code]
kr_controller.c [code]
kr_controller.h [code]
kr_controller_private.h [code]
kr_diskspace.cpp [code]
kr_diskspace.h [code]
kr_plat_ao.h [code]
kr_plat_ao_epoc.cpp [code]
kr_sms_trigger_epoc.cpp [code]
kr_sms_trigger_epoc.hpp [code]
lapi.c [code]
lapi.h [code]
lauxlib.c [code]
lauxlib.h [code]
lbaselib.c [code]
lcode.c [code]
lcode.h [code]
ld_create.c [code]
ld_create.h [code]
ld_log_db.c [code]
ld_log_db.h [code]
ld_logging.c [code]
ld_logging.h [code]
ld_private.h [code]
ldblib.c [code]
ldebug.c [code]
ldebug.h [code]
ldo.c [code]
ldo.cpp [code]
ldo.h [code]
ldump.c [code]
legacy.c [code]
lfunc.c [code]
lfunc.h [code]
lgc.c [code]
lgc.h [code]
libluasqlite3.c [code]
libluasqlite3.h [code]
linit.c [code]
liolib.c [code]
llex.c [code]
llex.h [code]
llimits.h [code]
lmathlib.c [code]
lmem.c [code]
lmem.h [code]
loadext.c [code]
loadlib.c [code]
loadlib.cpp [code]
lobject.c [code]
lobject.h [code]
local_server.cpp [code]
local_server.h [code]
logging-stack.h [code]
logging-time.c [code]
logging-time.h [code]
logging.cpp [code]
logging.h [code]
logging_c.h [code]
logging_qt.hpp [code]
logging_qt_qxdebug.hpp [code]
lopcodes.c [code]
lopcodes.h [code]
loslib.c [code]
lparser.c [code]
lparser.h [code]
lstate.c [code]
lstate.h [code]
lstring.c [code]
lstring.h [code]
lstrlib.c [code]
ltable.c [code]
ltable.h [code]
ltablib.c [code]
ltm.c [code]
ltm.h [code]
lua.c [code]
lua.h [code]
lua_bindings.cpp [code]
lua_bindings.h [code]
lua_cl2.cpp [code]
lua_cl2.h [code]
luac.c [code]
luaconf.h [code]
luaconf_cl2.h [code]
lualib.h [code]
lundump.c [code]
lundump.h [code]
lvm.c [code]
lvm.h [code]
lzio.c [code]
lzio.h [code]
main.c [code]
main.cpp [code]
main_demo_epoc_qt.cpp [code]
main_demo_qt.cpp [code]
main_epoc.cpp [code]
main_epoc_qt.cpp [code]
main_posix.c [code]
main_qt.cpp [code]
malloc.c [code]
maybe.h [code]
mem0.c [code]
mem1.c [code]
mem2.c [code]
mem3.c [code]
mem5.c [code]
memjournal.c [code]
moc_iodeviceseq_qt.cpp [code]
moc_main_epoc_qt_gui.cpp [code]
moc_main_qt_gui.cpp [code]
moc_QsKineticScroller.cpp [code]
moc_rk_remokon_qt.cpp [code]
moc_sa_qt_sensors.cpp [code]
moc_sa_sensor_light_qt.cpp [code]
moc_sa_sensor_proximity_qt.cpp [code]
moc_sa_sensor_tap_qt.cpp [code]
moc_up_uploader_qt_private.cpp [code]
moc_ut_abs_timer_qt_epoc.cpp [code]
moc_ut_abs_timer_qt_pure.cpp [code]
moc_window_demo_qt.cpp [code]
module.cpp [code]
moment_parser.c [code]
moment_parser.h [code]
mutex.c [code]
mutex.h [code]
mutex_noop.c [code]
mutex_os2.c [code]
mutex_unix.c [code]
mutex_w32.c [code]
opcodes.c [code]
opcodes.h [code]
os.c [code]
os.h [code]
os_common.h [code]
os_os2.c [code]
os_symbian.c [code]
os_unix.c [code]
os_win.c [code]
pager.c [code]
pager.h [code]
panic.cpp [code]
panic.h [code]
parse.c [code]
parse.h [code]
pcache.c [code]
pcache.h [code]
platform_config.h [code]
platform_error.c [code]
platform_error.h [code]
pragma.c [code]
prepare.c [code]
print.c [code]
printf.c [code]
process_handle_observer.cpp [code]
process_handle_observer.h [code]
QsKineticScroller.cpp [code]
QsKineticScroller.hpp [code]
random.c [code]
resolve.c [code]
rk_remokon.h [code]
rk_remokon_qt.cpp [code]
rk_remokon_qt.hpp [code]
rtree.c [code]
rtree.h [code]
sa_array.cpp [code]
sa_array.h [code]
sa_array_private.h [code]
sa_qt_sensors.cpp [code]
sa_qt_sensors.hpp [code]
sa_sensor_light_api.h [code]
sa_sensor_light_qt.cpp [code]
sa_sensor_light_qt.hpp [code]
sa_sensor_list_integration.cpp [code]
sa_sensor_list_integration.h [code]
sa_sensor_list_log_db.c [code]
sa_sensor_list_log_db.h [code]
sa_sensor_mark.c [code]
sa_sensor_mark.h [code]
sa_sensor_proximity_api.h [code]
sa_sensor_proximity_qt.cpp [code]
sa_sensor_proximity_qt.hpp [code]
sa_sensor_tap_api.h [code]
sa_sensor_tap_qt.cpp [code]
sa_sensor_tap_qt.hpp [code]
sa_sensor_timer.c [code]
sa_sensor_timer.h [code]
sa_sensor_util_epoc.cpp [code]
sa_sensor_util_epoc.hpp [code]
select.c [code]
serveranim.cpp [code]
serverdll.cpp [code]
sh_utils.h [code]
shell.c [code]
sqlite3.h [code]
sqlite3_config.h [code]
sqlite3ext.h [code]
sqlite_cl2.h [code]
sqliteicu.h [code]
sqliteInt.h [code]
sqliteLimit.h [code]
status.c [code]
symbian_auto_ptr.cpp [code]
symbian_auto_ptr.hpp [code]
table.c [code]
tclsqlite.c [code]
threading.h [code]
threading_cond.h [code]
threading_mutex.h [code]
time_parser_rb.c [code]
time_utils.c [code]
time_utils.h [code]
timer_generic_epoc.cpp [code]
timer_generic_epoc.h [code]
timer_observer.cpp [code]
timer_observer.h [code]
tokenize.c [code]
trigger.c [code]
up_poster_epoc.cpp [code]
up_poster_epoc.hpp [code]
up_private.h [code]
up_shared.c [code]
up_uploader.h [code]
up_uploader_epoc.cpp [code]
up_uploader_qt.cpp [code]
up_uploader_qt_private.hpp [code]
update.c [code]
ut_abs_timer_qt.hpp [code]
ut_abs_timer_qt_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_abs_timer_qt_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_abs_timer_qt_pure.cpp [code]
ut_abs_timer_qt_pure.hpp [code]
ut_compress.h [code]
ut_compress_cryptopp_gzip.cpp [code]
ut_compress_zlib_raw.c [code]
ut_diskspace_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_diskspace_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_exceptions.hpp [code]
ut_immediate.h [code]
ut_immediate_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_immediate_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_list_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_retry_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_retry_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_sms_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_sms_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_telephony_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_telephony_epoc.h [code]
ut_telno_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_telno_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_timeout_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_timeout_epoc.hpp [code]
ut_timer.h [code]
ut_timer_epoc.cpp [code]
ut_timer_libev.c [code]
ut_timer_qt.cpp [code]
ut_timer_qt_private.hpp [code]
utf.c [code]
util.c [code]
utilities.c [code]
utilities.h [code]
utilities_cxx.cpp [code]
utils_cl2.c [code]
utils_cl2.h [code]
utils_cl2_cxx.cpp [code]
vacuum.c [code]
vdbe.c [code]
vdbe.h [code]
vdbeapi.c [code]
vdbeaux.c [code]
vdbeblob.c [code]
vdbefifo.c [code]
vdbeInt.h [code]
vdbemem.c [code]
vtab.c [code]
walker.c [code]
watchdog.cpp [code]
watchdog.h [code]
where.c [code]
window_demo_qt.cpp [code]
window_demo_qt.hpp [code]

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